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Recommendations Copywriter

Do you happen to know a good copywriter. I’ve spent too much money and time already trying to find an excellent copywriter to write me engaging salespages that convert. So if there’s someone you would recommend I’d be more than pleased to read your opinion.

I think its best to post your request on the buyers request section. Also, you can find a good copywriter on my fiverr gigs section. Many sellers advertise their gigs there and there is a very high chance to find one.
Good luck

There are lots of great copywriters here on Fiverr, type in copywriter in the search bar and filter by average customer review or choose those sellers with levels.

Search for a guy called “fastcopywriter” … one of the best sellers on Fiverr.

And emmaki, of course :slight_smile:

And you too!

I’m not a copywriter! I write articles and blog posts, which is much simpler.

I wasn’t sure what a copywriter was actually.

I would be interested in knowing your process for selection. Is it price, speed, availability, ratings, communication etc?
I would highly commend @fastcopywriter though, I’ve used his service (as have 1000’s of others)

a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

OP isn’t here and a waste of time.

Of course, he might be waiting for a name to appear. Tell me how you feel about perch then we’ll talk. “I’ll just ask everyone to rec me things then bugger off”