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Recommendations for Fiverr!

Hi there, :upside_down_face:

This is gonna be a long post though. Today, I mentioned all the recommendations for Fiverr to take. I believe this should be taken for a much better user experience. Feel free to add any recommendations below and I hope Fiverr read this post or atleast the people who are managing the forum pass it to their Customer Service.

Buyer requests:

Buyer requests should be reliable requests like Upwork job’s requests. System should make buyers first verify their identity, payment method then allow the buyers to make a purchase on a platform or post a request. This way sellers will know that this is a serious buyer, as there are many time wasters (Buyers) who just ask things and never order.

Verification and sign up

  • A Similar system like Upwork should be followed by Fiverr as well. Upwork manually selects profile for marketplace. Sellers should make their profile, gigs etc. Then submit their profile for review in order to join Fiverr. This way only professional sellers will be in the marketplace.
  • Identity should be matched with the person at the time of joining like Upwork verifies at the time of joining.
  • An English and TOS test should be made compulsory at the time of joining. So, buyers are fluent in their chosen language so they can communicate clearly and mention things in their description accurately.
  • TOS tests should be taken at the time of sign up so sellers are aware of the TOS to avoid them later on.
  • I don’t know how but Upwork makes sure the sellers that join, are expert in their skill and they somehow judge the quality of their work even. Like Upwork, they don’t take new applications if they already have many sellers of a particular service, same should be for Fiverr.
  • These things should be divided in stages for sign up, and should be compulsory for every buyer and seller.

Dead profiles:

Fiverr should remove/deactivate dead profiles, profiles that have no active gigs for a long time, same for buyers remove/deactivate their accounts, this will lower the system load even on the Fiverr system and site will be smoother. Thus, making it easier for the buyers to choose sellers.

Customer support (the most important):

  • Fiverr need to improve their customer support service a lot. Many sellers complain that most of the time, CS supports buyers. CS should be real humans rather than some bots (who are human though but act like bots). To every query they should respond accordingly rather than a copy paste response. When CS is intervened to cancel the order, they should be fair and make a decision equally rather than supporting buyers. Once a decision is made, a valid reason should be given to the losing party.
  • More agents of course. The delay is not loved by any. They should introduce a live chat system like Payoneer or Bluehost Live chat. Get in line and wait for your turn. This way we will know the approximate time and can chat instantly.
  • Provide options to sellers and buyers to choose department of support they need to contact, whether the development department, general inquiry, tax department, bug, etc. This way it’s easier for sellers and buyers to be more specific.

Gig Positions and ranking system:

  • This exposure program of Fiverr should be finished. Instead every seller should be available on the marketplace and be dependent on their luck. It’s their luck if they are chosen by a buyer. If chosen, they should be positioned upwards of course due to their quality work and other criteria. Sellers should be ranked based upon their quality work, reviews and other criteria’s etc. rather than exposure. This exposure damages the business of many, and many become confused. I have seen many faced this issue and complained on forums, even me. But it’s the exposure effect.
  • Bad/ spelling mistakes in gigs should be paused. There should be some coding where if there is a spelling or grammar mistake in a seller’s gig description, that gig should be paused. Just like Gmail and Grammarly identify the mistakes. Something should be done for this as well. This will help the seller to improve his gig and increase buyers trust.

Call option in Fiverr website it self

Upwork recently introduced an option of zoom meeting on their own server. Sellers and buyers can communicate through call or video call live on their Upwork server. That system should be in Fiverr as well. This will help buyers to be more confident in picking their sellers, rather than chatting them. Sellers will also be confident in their buyer, and can understand more clearly through it. Of course, outside Fiverr, all business should not be allowed. Only on Fiverr like Upwork.


I completely agree with Fiverr for 20 percent service fees. They deserve this. But they should not be deducting the amount from the TIP. Tips means it’s for the seller. When we go someplace, we tip the waiter, valet or someone, it means it’s for them not the company. So, tips should be for sellers only. For service fee, I feel it’s okay though as they should be earning as well in order to keep this site running and provide a better user experience.

Review system:

In case a buyer gives a false review; sellers should be given a chance to stand up for them. They should be allowed to confront the CS with valid proofs against the false review. CS should manually view and make a decision. Many sellers get undeserved reviews and can’t ask the CS to remove or something as CS likely gives a warning to the seller. CS should again treat with equality, and be fair.

These are some of the recommendations based upon my experience and other people’s complaints on forum. I mentioned many things of Upwork, as I felt that their system is good and should be applied by Fiverr. I might be wrong at some place, maybe I forgot something. Please correct me if I am wrong. Any recommendations are welcomed in case I missed any. All recommendations are based on my personal opinions. Anyone hurt by anything, I apologize for that. Feel free to comment below for more recommendations. What do you think about these? I will be making another post soon where I will post some things regarding successful sellers, getting orders etc.

Thanks :wink: :yum:

-Peace out


Everything you said are quite okay, it will really be nice if fiverr review that act of always supporting buyers above sellers, they should play fair

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I disagree with removing profiles that haven’t had gigs active in a long time. Someone might have a good gig paused and wanted to stop selling (Like I have thought multiple times), but decides to return again in the future. Having empty profiles does not increase server costs or loads noticeably. Only gig videos might take a bit of space. And it doesn’t interfere with finding gigs, as if they have no active gigs, there’s nothing showing up when people are searching for gigs.

But they do need to improve customer support. The quality has already went up noticeably, as I’m getting no copy paste responses from my last few tickets, when I used to get nothing but copy paste. But the long wait time is unacceptable, even during a pandemic. Customer support jobs can be done so easily from home, so they could hire a bunch of new support personnel and ask them to work from home.

I know I would love to be a support person if I got to work from home. I love helping people so much and already dedicate every day to it as a seller. Maybe I should try to apply, lol.

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I also mentioned ‘‘deactivate’’ that means profile is deactivated until the person activates again. But yes, having more profiles causes load on their server.

Same, many veterans here on forum should apply as they are more experienced than CS.

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