Recommended Gig


Hi there

how they put our gig to recommended page what are the requirements??



They don’t reveal that information in detail. If you go to the Fiverr blog though and search for featured gigs there are some blog posts that give a few hints and tips on that.


You have to create unique gigs.


That’s not true. Did you take a look at the Recommended section? Are they all unique gigs? No, they’re not.
It’s a mixture of handpicked gigs, gigs that have a lot of traffic, etc. Nobody knows exactly how they are picked.


lot of gig are from Pakistan


So? That’s not a requirement. It just so happens that lots of sellers are from Pakistan.
That doesn’t mean that you have to be from Pakistan to be in the recommended section.


Your gig will be in recommended section when you have some order in queue and you have 5 star reviews on that gig :slight_smile: So to create a gig that can appeal the buyer to order your gig. I hope this will help you. :slight_smile: