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Recommended Section

Hello Guys, What do you think about Fiverr’s Recommended Section? Is it helpful to get orders? And how to get your gig in that section? Which factors matter in it?

Lets discuss it! :slight_smile:


It is the first thing people see when they look at the categories so it’s good to be there but how to get there is anyone’s guess. I was never shown in that section for a very long time and now appear there sometimes for no reason that I can see. It’s random.

There are gigs there that from their reviews or lack of them shouldn’t be there, but there they are.

The Reviews section is also random since there are a mix of gigs with hundreds of great reviews and ones with only a few.

Even clicking on things like Top Rated Sellers will sometimes not show my gigs although I am one. Clicking on the Online Now category sometimes doesn’t show my gigs even when I’m online. So it’s all very hit or miss.


I think it’s a random section and the Fiverr bots feature gigs that are probably ‘hot’ or ‘trending’ however I have no confirmation this is indeed the case!


I think its random and only those gig enlisted there which has maintained fiverr terms, having nice working record :wink: