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Recommending other sellers in your subcat on YOUR GIG PAGE?

This happened before and they took it out, now it’s back! Advertising our competitors on OUR GIG PAGES is absolutely disrespectful and should be removed!

Why would you want to implement this so bad?? So we can bring traffic from outside sources to our gigs so someone can see another offer from someone who didn’t put in that effort for traffic???

More and more everyday there have been implementations that make absolutely ZERO sense whatsoever. I don’t post non-stop to MY social networks just to bring views to my competitors gigs.

If you haven’t seen it. Scroll to the bottom of your wonderful reviews just to see their mugs/gigs on YOUR PAGE >:(


DTong (Another Frustrated TRS)

I totally agree. I think this is sort of what amazon does. If you are an amazon store and you drive your own traffic. You are then shown the competition. What it will encourage you to do is drive your own traffic to your own sales page and not to Fiverr. Then you will have orders in 2 different places. Benefit completely from your advertising efforts and also benefit from Fiverr traffic.

Thre must be some benefit int he big picture, clearly it works for Amazon and increases overall sales.

I had to go look at what you were talking about, to be honest, I never scroll that far down when I am looking at someone’s gig description. I read the gig and then a few reviews. I would never have seen this unless I went looking for it based on your comment.

Reply to @landongrace: I knew the time would come one day, but with the way things were going, I didn’t need to implement it yet. Now is the time and I agree completely.

Reply to @sincere18: I don’t either, but buyers do when reading the reviews. The only good thing to this, is my gig shows up on theirs. However, like I said, I bring in way more traffic than they do as my network is larger. I just don’t like it. I don’t like seeing their faces on my creation because to be honest, in my subcat, they all are there because of me and a lot of them were reported for copy/pasting my gig when they first got here and now I have to see their mugs… They still copy me, but outside of Fiverr, which is even more sad…lol

Reply to @sincere18: Until you try selling and do it for a good while, sometime scrabbling to earn an honest $4 to buy groceries, you probably aren’t going to understand how this feels. Some of the gigs advertised on our own pages are for people who cannot even provide the service offered but they make promises that may convince a buyer to try them out over someone who can deliver but still needs to make a profit. Those buyers may wish they hadn’t switched but they may not remember the username of the good seller.

Lots of buyers read every review too, so they will scroll all the way. Once you become a seller, come back and comment on this.

In my opinion Fiverr is playing games with “features” instead of fixing real problems and show our competitors on our gigs is a slap in the face to sellers.

Reply to @dtongsports: I’m actually a buyer…and I basically stop reading reviews when I get to the other gigs that the seller offers, so was just sharing my two cents on that part.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I can certainly understand why this would not be a good thing. Though scrambling to get $4 for groceries, then branching out to other places may be key to help that if you are scrambling so much. Remember too, that if you have a good picture and great gig, this works the other way around for you, that you will appear on other people’s gigs as well.

But I agree, Fiverr seems like it is playing around with different features and I do wonder what the motivation was to go with this particular one.

Reply to @sincere18: Just because that’s where you stop doesn’t classify every other buyer as such. You just may be less analytical than some. My repeat buyers are plentiful so there is no scrambling here trust me, I just like to grow and earn more and until now, Fiverr has done that for me. I’ve been implementing and designing things on my own site and it will be fun to build that too. Good thing is, there won’t be other gigs on my site, I won’t charge buyer fees, and I get about 15% more after merchant fees and operation costs. :slight_smile:

Reply to @dtongsports: Oh, I know some buyers are much more analytical, I was just saying it’s not all buyers who do that.

And good luck with your continued freelancing and building up your own business as well.

It makes zero sense from a consumer behavior standpoint.

If someone has gotten down to the bottom of your gig, they were seriously interested in it and probably ready to buy it. Instead there are more choices for them to look at.

And they stop right there when they were about to buy, and continue browsing around on the site. Sales drop dramatically all across the site.

It works on Amazon since they are so huge and only benefit from giving people as many choices on the buying page as possible. People keep coming back to Amazon as the ultimate shopping site.

It does NOT work on fiverr. Totally different.

Perhaps adding a Call to action button at the end of the gig (Order Now) would be a MUCH better option than competition gig previews.

How long ago did they implement this feature? I’m wondering if they didn’t implement it ~5 days ago, because I was getting 1-5 orders a day until five days ago when POOF all sales and customer communications vanished. I’m still ranking in the first batch of high-rated sellers in my parent and sub categories, and my reviews are still 100%, and I actually have a 100% response rate, so I’m trying to figure out why my steady stream of clients suddenly dried up.

This was tried before. Check the date on this topic.

Reply to @ricksper: interesting and i agreee with some of what they said in that other thread.

Don’t click on the links, that person is just spamming a bunch of threads.

I understand having a “recommended for you” when someone is browsing categories or searching, but once they’re on the page for one of your gigs, I agree that it doesn’t suit the selling culture of Fiverr to have anything like that appear.

I never noticed it before, but now I’m curious to see which sellers get tacked on to the bottom of my pages, get a feel for whose services are being compared to mine and why. Ideally, a buyer will be sold on my gig before they even get down that far lol

Reply to @misscrystal: They’ll read this and think “She’s totally right. We should put their competitors at the top of their gigs, instead of at the bottom!” (Sorry, Fiverr, I love you and everything but I HATE this feature.)

I don’t get it. If a buyer’s found me through search results or on my category page, my gig is already surrounded by my competitors. Why do I need those competitors on my actual gig page, too? If they clicked on me and not them, it was probably for a reason. The buyer doesn’t need more choices shoved in his face, when he’s already halfway down the sales funnel.

One thought, even though this might be naive/overly-optimistic. If we can’t change anything about this new feature, what about figuring out how to optimize the likelihood that WE will appear as much as possible on our competitors’ pages?

@dtongsports, it sounds like you’re the overall leader for your category, so I suspect you always will appear on other people’s pages. And who knows - maybe in your case, this might even be a boon for business! As in, buyer visits competitor’s page (perhaps even one of those people who originally tried to copy you), sees your profile, visits you, and decides to order YOUR Gig instead!

For the rest of us, I wonder if a little group brainstorming could help us figure out strategize to increase our likelihood of popping up as one of the “options” at the bottom of other people’s Gigs…

Reply to @david388: You would have to encourage other sellers in your subcat to all bring in outside traffic. Fiverr gives me a lot of exposure, I will not deny that, however, they still don’t give me #1 positions on the filters and that’s not right either. I’m killing my competition because I market all over the place and don’t just rely on the sites traffic. There are so many issues with the placement of gigs that I don’t know where to start but something tells me they are working on something and not telling everyone. I still see gigs not getting ANY orders in fixed positions all over the site. So their conversion percentages are next to zero and they are still in a fixed position getting exposure but not orders. They don’t maximize their slots/impressions anymore. They use to rotate top gigs in top spots and now they just leave it be and it’s sickening watching it.

I don’t work for Fiverr, this is suppose to be a partnership. They have made the platform to make sellers feel like employees and there is no Freedom to that, and that’s not true ‘Freelancing’. The problem for Fiverr is that there are a lot of sites that are now thriving in which sellers will start to focus their attention and traffic generation on if Fiverr continues to go at this pace and leave the community in limbo and not update them or supply REAL answers and not a bunch of nonsense copy/pasted replies…IMO