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Reconsider budget after starting the project

Hello, I have made a new offer for a client, we made a deal about the project and quote. The project is unique and new to my experience (but I have the skills to do it, I simply didn’t have the chance to do something like it before). Anyway, after starting the project, I realized the quote was a bit low. Is it safe/professional to ask for more? I don’t want to sound like spamming or unprofessional. I know it is my mistake to misjudge the quote from the beginning. What do you think?

If a seller did this to me after I placed an order I would cancel the order. I wouldn’t be happy about his unprofessional conduct and would assume he isn’t experienced or ethical enough to work for me.

You made an agreement so stick to it. Your alternative is to ask the client to cancel the order.

You could try sending the client an offer for an extra and leave it up to the client if they want to accept it or not. But to simply say to the client you didn’t charge them enough money once they accept your offer or buy your gig is going to sound like you are an amateur who is also unable to work in an honest way.


Well if you agreed on a price…you should stick to it in my opinion …


Not the easiest place to be, but if it was you mistake then I think you’d be better doing it for the price you’ve agreed. Anything other than that I’d find unprofessional.

But since you haven’t done anything like before just consider it a new learning opportunity and add it to your portfolio.