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Record conversational (believable) voice over for your project

I work to make a project sound conversational, pushing away the announcery or robotic sound some voices have.

There are some voices out there that have a less than conversational tone, and you can kinda tell that they are reading from the page. It should sound like a real person. Like someone talking to someone else and empathizing.

That is my goal when I work on a project. Nailing the read’s energy, and getting the right tone a client wants for their project. Whether it’s radio, TV Commercial, Animation (Cartoon), Phone Prompt… you name it, I’ll do it!

Most of my work used to be outside of Fiverr, working with commercial production companies and freelance animators to bring their projects to life. But I want to also help the folks that may not have the higher budget for a $1,300 :30sec commercial spot, for example.

Those companies or businesses that are just starting out and can’t pay for super expensive VO Talent out in the world deserve help as well. That is my goal here on Fiverr, to be able to work with those clients, and share my passion of applying Voice and Sound Design to the projects of many!!

To Fiverr!

Jonathan J.