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Record of seller delivering vs. not delivering on time

I’ve had a few sellers not deliver on time. I usually order a gig from 2 or 3 different people, so it hasn’t affected me too much. However when something is time sensitive it would be nice to know which sellers can be expected to deliver on time. One Seller took an extra 10 days over what was advertised. It would make a difference to me in terms of which seller I choose. Thanks.

Fragglesrock has not been delivered on time…still waiting…Neither is there a means to demand attention. This is frustrating

I definitely sent them a few messages. So maybe this is just an instance of it slipping through the cracks. Still I think there should be a record to show how many orders they have flaked on.


This is the vendor. I wish I could leave negative feedback for this experience, because it was a negative experience. I’ve had other vendor’s cancel gigs, which is fine. However I never got any response from him. Waste of my time.

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