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Record PayPal Chargeback? $600+

There are things that I don’t like about buyers and things that annoy me about the Fiverr platform that I can overlook because I do well here. However, what I can’t look past is the fact that I woke up to a chargeback from two jobs I did for someone nearly two months ago.

I wrote pages and pages of website content for now ex-user *********. I can say the name, because he’s no longer an active account. Not against the rules.

These pages of content in two jobs came just over $600 (before Fiverr’s cut). Now, when I wake up to a chargeback and lose $600 out of my Fiverr account, that’s not something I’m going to chalk up to a bad buyer. This is solely on Fiverr.

Not protecting every $5, that’s something, I get it. But not covering a $600 chargeback for a Top Rated Seller who made you $30,000 last year? That’s just bad form. Sure, it’s selfish, but that’s a car payment, house payment for others, even a few months’ work in some countries.

Fiverr…do better. Be better. You expect it out of us, we have to start expecting it out of you.


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Ouch. My sympathies. I’d be writing VERY strongly-worded notes to Fiverr Customer Support… as you live in NY (I think?), why not take it to the next level and drop into Fiverr HQ there–and you have mentioned that you get on quite well with some people, so use those connections! Anyone can lose $5, but when dealing with hundreds of dollars, this is unacceptable, and there’s a complete lack of accountability.

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I’m sorry this happened to you! That’s terrible.
It happens sometimes to all in business, to lose out like this. We are self employed and take the hits to our income such as this as a result. I’ve always been self employed and have had such things happen periodically the whole of my work life. What happened to you was you were the victim of theft.
I’m impressed that you made fiverr $30,000 last year. That means you made $150,000. Incredible.

This will be interesting to see what the outcomes will be from CS side.

The only advice I can offer is that you keep an eye on the buyer’s account. If the account is ever reinstated, it means the chargeback was declined and the funds returned to fiverr.

However, it’s awful for you to lose such a large amount - let’s hope you can resolve it.

Sorry to hear that. Yes, it’s kinda crazy that it’s allowed (by whoever!)
I’ve read lots of stuff online about people doing this after a sale with Credit Card purchases and on PayPal.
Surely you have some rights legally? I.e. Can you follow the buyer by locating them via their website and issue a small claim?

I completely agree. Often times, when issues are of this scale, stopping in to a company’s corporate offices – in person (if you live in the area, of course) – is a viable option/strategy. In person, the employees have to deal with an issue or grievance on the spot. They can’t put it off out of convenience, because you’re standing right there.

I don’t know how this would play out, but, from a respectful perspective, an in-person discussion can often yield better results. Plus, it helps build connections, it shows that you are proactive about an issue, and an in-person discussion is always more personable and holds higher value when attempting to resolve an issue – regardless of whose fault the issue may be.

I know it was a chargeback and Fiverr’s 30 day rule for returns is not the same for chargebacks, but it should be. I never had a chargeback so not sure how it works. If I understand what I have read here on the forum, they go through paypal to get their money back – right?

I guess getting your money back from paypal, even after 2 months, isn’t a difficult process. You would think Fiverr would talk to paypal and tell them something needs to be done.

Just a quick update. I’ve been in contact with Fiverr support and emailed one of the Directors I know (Kash) and they’re all looking into it. The work was clearly done correctly, five stars were left on both jobs, and the guy even asked me for more work last night before this happened.

Hopefully they come to a resolution that doesn’t involve me getting screwed. At the very least I didn’t get the basic, “Sucks to be you.”

I’m glad to hear that Fiverr is looking into it for you. Keep us updated. I am very interested to hear how this gets resolved.

That is good news. It is about time Fiverr develop a robust policy to protect sellers from this type of situations, especially where the seller can show clear evidence that good service has been provided to the client in the form of a good review etc.

That is absolutely horrifying. Seems to me someone wanted to get something for nothing. At the very least, buyers who do that should be blacklisted from Fiverr.

P.S. The other day a buyer messaged me asking if I would writer 5 e-mails for him. I told him to hire me for one, then if he likes my work, he can hire me for more. It’s true that my rates are low, 5 e-mails only cost $25 from my end, but I like to prevent big refunds whenever possible. I also can’t say I’ve experienced chargebacks of any amount, at least I don’t remember.

If you really wanted to get them back you could file a suit in court and get their IP address subpoenaed. That’ll show them.

Customer support gave me money that was charged back improperly once. Although, it was only $50 (they actually gave me Fiverr’s cut back too). So, good luck!

UPDATE: Still haven’t heard anything about this chargeback, however, I did just get another chargeback and lost another $55. That makes $650 in the matter of three days because of PayPal chargebacks.


Just. Awesome.

For people that don’t know :Paypal new return policy: a person can come back after 5 months and 29 days and steal your money.”We’re increasing the time for buyers to file a merchandise dispute (Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described) from 45 days to 180 days. All references in the User Agreement to “Opening a Dispute within 45 days” have been updated to reflect “Opening a Dispute within 180 days.” I think that is the worst policy I ever heard of. Charge backs can not be fought by Fiverr. That is between the client and your PayPal account implicitly you. Fiverr has nothing to do with charge backs, they are a platform that advertise your job and let you post your job and find clients, and are independent of PayPal. I own my own business for 10 years, and I fight my fights with PayPal, I never won: I had a writer once promising to write articles and post them in different platforms and will be there for life – he took my money and a month later he send me an e-mail that he change what he does and want to take off all the articles- I tried charge back and somehow he won and I didn’t. People that know how to ask for charge back and win from PayPal are professional liars, they live from stealing people works. I don’t know how they sleep in night but I believe in karma and some day they will get theirs.

I have loathed PayPal for years. Dealing with stuff like this 24/7 plus their ever-changing, dubious rules makes it extremely hard (and expensive) for sellers.

I sincerely hope Fiverr adds direct ACH deposit soon, sans the Payoneer middle-man.


Fiverr Customer Support has been a boon and helped me by refunding me all the money that I was owed. All $587.60 or something. Class acts, all the way. Could not be happier regarding the outcome and the personal service.

Thanks, Fiverr. Thanks, Vernon. Thanks, Trisha.

And thanks to all who were concerned.

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Wow, that’s great!

I just read your first post and I was shocked. I mean, I’ve had my share of chargebacks, the biggest one being around $20, which is nothing compared to what you’ve been through. I’m so glad to hear everything was sorted out and Customer Support was able to return your money to you!