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Recovering after a Fiverr vacation?

I went on vacation for a month for the holidays (I had no choice, I was flying overseas visiting family), and a few days ago, I reactivated my gigs. I’ve had two orders from four active gigs, a low number from my usual 30-40. I’m not sure I can recover my ratings/impressions/clicks/orders. I’m thinking of putting up new gigs effectively deleting the old ones, just so my gigs are visible when you search again. *By the way I think it’s not fair that the only tabs available when one does a search are Recommended, High Rating, New. I think it should include a tab that shows ALL the gigs regardless of ratings.

Has anyone done gone through this before? Any ideas would be appreciated. Happy new year to all!

If you delete the gigs, you have no history, and you’re starting from zero again.

Wait a week to see how bad it is before buying some promotion gigs.

Make new gigs and insert the links for your previous gigs in there, so that if some one opens the new gig, he probably will follow the link and you can recover your impressions and click on previous gigs…

stanigator and prographix, thank you for your responses.

I suspended my gigs for 2 weeks. Not vacation mode. Completely suspended. It took me like a month to recover. Reply fast to your messages. And deliver quickly. When you do your usual stuff it’ll come back to the usual place automatically.

I suspended my gigs for a week or two, but I usually reactive it before am fully ready to work, because it takes a week or two to go back on track. But I never received 30 orders a day! i don’t recommend you delete any gig, next time you go on holiday increase your time frame, this way you can still get orders from people who appreciate you work, or activate it earlier.

Just in case anyone finds this thread helpful at all: I was able to get back on track a week after reactivating my gigs! Thanks all for the response.

What method did you use to get back on track? Do you feel you would of resumed automatically? Or did you rely on created new gigs, or new gigs with links to olds gigs?

My sales dropped after a 2 weeks vacation (holiday season, which I wanted to spend with my family, not doing orders). For me, it wasn’t getting back on track a week after reactivating my gigs, it was more of a slow process (which didn’t start out well, because I had to cancel the first order I got after I returned). I didn’t create new gigs or promote, but after a while, the sales returned to normal on their own.

I hope this helps someone! :slight_smile:

I think you done a mistake on putting your account on vacation. Right?

Reply to @pinnacle_lawyer : I messaged my former clients just wishing them good cheers and informing them that I was still alive :slight_smile: and ready to work!

I created two new gigs that were not the same as my usual ones but since my job orders went back to normal, I deleted those gigs after a few weeks. I have not had to use backlinks in my gigs.

Reply to @prographix: Except it’s not allowed to create duplicate gigs.

Reply to @cebooker: In retrospect, no, I wouldn’t label it as a mistake. It’s a learning process. everything and anything has a consequence. Finding a solution helped me get back on track. Eventually, everything went back as usual anyway. Thanks.