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Recovering from Impacts of Restriction?



Recently my Fiverr account got restricted because I failed to verify my account after several attempts, hence my account got restricted and all my gigs were gone. However, after talking to the support team…I was finally able to do it within 12 hours.

But 2 hours after activation of my account, I’m not able to see my gigs on the keywords it used to rank. Will I be able to get the rankings back or is it gone? Please share your experiences and suggestions because I spent 5 months day and night working on fiverr and got to level 2 yesterday itself. I’m feeling totally broken now.



I looked for your profile and it is showing that you have no gigs on display.



I have just checked your profile .It seems that you haven’t completed any orders and you have no gigs and reviews.Then I think your previous position and present position is same .So start again .


That’s from my other I’d…this is personal I’d.


:scream: Two accounts?
However You can start again …Did your level gone or all are ok just gigs has been deleted ?


Fiverr will upset for you if you use multiple accounts :sob: .Personal ,business,student,team or others . As you are senior that me you know that better.