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Recovering From Order Cancellations - My Experience

Exactly 2 months ago, I had a terrible experience. A customer who gave me back to back 5 starts went ahead and cancelled it. The aftermath of that was expected.

  1. I got a warning.
  2. I realized that VID Buyers have insane refund powers.
  3. I lost my gig ranking, impressions and perhaps all my visibility.

I have written about it in detail here.

Now, my impressions are back to the old days. My top selling gig is once again at 2K to 3K (per month). I dont know if that is a huge number, but its definitely better than 300 per month.

So, here is experience / tips for folks who may have had similar cancellation related experience.

60 days waiting.

I always felt like Fiverr has a 60 day window for evaluating things. Wherever I see, I keep seeing these words ‘60 days’. It may be coincidence, but, the gig impressions started rising, and going back to the old level, immediately after 60 days.

So, I was not active on Fiverr, and did not depend on Fiverr all that much. I simply waited for 60 days to get over.

Say No To Some Clients

Another thing I started doing is to start saying no, more and more. On other platforms, this is not a big problem, but on Fiverr, buyer is king. They can literally say anything they want, and get refunds, even after five stars and even after 14 days. Especially VID customers.

So, I have actually started avoiding VID customers. I noticed that many VID customers are less polite and more rude. They don’t want to explain what they want clearly, and simply want sellers to take their order and then given them many many revisions.

One VID customer, kept on asking again and again to help. I kept telling him, please find another seller, I am not right for you. But he kept messaging me again and again. Finally, I was like, okay, I will and sold him a small order. He was literally the worse buyer. He constantly kept changing his requirements, constantly extending the hours. No matter what I do, he could not be satisfied. Even now, I am scared that he will go and ask for refund, and Fiverr will give it to him.

So, choose your clients carefully. Ask maximum questions, set expectations and only then take order. Some clients (like this VID person) will even get bored.

They will say something, “How many questions you are asking? Just take my order”

Dont fall for such things. Be firm, and only accept orders where the client is extremely clear and it is all documented in chat. VID customers know that they can just go back to support, say that order was not properly completed, and take refund.

Final Note

Ultimately, as I keep saying in every post, ensure that you have freelancer presence on multiple platforms like Fiverr. I was able to stay away from Fiverr from 60 days (now, I am again getting orders every week, so I am back now), because I have other options.

Hope this helps.


Really bad experience

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It is, it is. But rules are rules you know. We have to abide and follow them.

But, we can try and learn and reduce such instances, he he :slight_smile:

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I facing the exact same situation, my impression per day were 7k now 300 per day


no problem… carry on. and go ahead

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Thanks for sharing your experience? I am always worried about it? should i avoid VID customers?

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Thanks to share. It will be really helpful for me.

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Hope it goes back up man.

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I wont say, totally avoid. But, be more careful. Make sure requirements are discussed. If it is a video call, then, summarize everything in the chat messages and confirm the requirement.

Make sure everything is typed, and customer confirms it by replying in the chat messages. Also see if you get good vibes while talking or chatting.

Ultimately, its your decision and gut feeling.


thank you so much bro :slight_smile:

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I’m saying no to more buyers too. I no longer accept projects over $50, though most buyers here can’t afford that anyway.


Oh! The story…
Hello! The universal story…
Hola! The ultimate story for every seller…

Newbies or New sellers… Just read this article and be careful about selling your services…

Happy freelancing…


I second what you said. it’s more profitable to say no, than yes.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience and suggestions :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience and advise. It is helpful to us.


This is really helpful