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Recreate Fiverr Account

I am a new seller on Fiverr as a graphic designer. I have a lot of gig about Photoshop Editing. I got my 1st order within 6 days. The buyer was fully satisfied and gave me 5 star ratings. And got the 2nd order . The 2nd buyer also was fully satisfied with my work. But mistakenly she gave me 3.7 ratings. Then she said she wanted to submit 5 star but maybe the internet connection went slow down and that happened… she was guilty for that and want to modify the review.

What should I do now ? My overall profile ratings is now 4.3. as a new seller, no one will give any task to a new seller with a 4.3 ratings. I tried to close my account and Recreate the same gig. But it always showed me the “gig need to be modified”

What should I do now? Can I modifie the ratings? Or can I Recreate a new account and create same gig with the same portfolios samples descriptions after closing the old account.

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Hi, how you got the orders? by buyer request or direct client?
If you have got these orders by direct client, it means your gig is on first page or showing in search result. You should wait for a month or so, if you want to create a new account, contact customer support for permission.

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I got the 1st order by buyer request and 2nd one was by searching…
2nd buyer wants to modify her reviews, she is feeling guilty for that mistake. And told me she wants to modify if possible … is this possible?
Otherwise I have to create a new account, because no one will offer oder paying money with a low rating seller. But tried to create a new account. Couldn’t create same gig as the old one. It always shows , Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)”
The sample photos I used on the new gig, all those are my own creation.

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Contact fiverr customer support and show them the evidence that you have created the designs.

I don’t believe you can create a new account successfully without Fiverr’s permission.

In my opinion you are approaching this entirely the wrong way.

Firstly a buyer does not ‘mistakenly’ give a feedback score of 3.7. “Oops I accidentally awarded you 3.7 and not 5.0”. Err, no. They more than likely gave you 3.7 for a reason. The ‘internet went slow’ excuse doesn’t cut it in 2020. It’s no longer 1997.

Secondly, why are you giving up after two reviews? That’s utterly ridiculous and is no way to build a serious business. You got hit. Then you fight back by doubling your efforts.

What happens when your next buyer awards you 3.7? Are you going to start yet another new account? Actually, you probably will…

Focus on your current account. Make sure your gigs are great, and your service excellent.

Even more importantly, stop making excuses.


But my overall ratings gone down. It’s 4.3 now…
Suppose from your side… if you will order something paying money, you never take any risk ordering someone with low rating where you can find a lot of services with 4.9 and 5 ratings…

I do understand what you are getting at. But I don’t agree with your logic.

It’s bad business practice to run away from these situations.

The most difficult thing to do on Fiverr is to get your first order. You’ve achieved that.

If you start again it might take you weeks or months to get another first order.

Then what happens if that buyer gives you a 3? You will be worse off.


Do you know what algorithm fiverr use for gig ranking ? How can you say this ?

You’re right, initially there can be problems but you can bid on buyer requests any time and if your proposal is good, then client will likely hire you. I would suggest as a new seller try to gain some trust by lowering rates and gain some good reviews, may be 5-10 then there wont be any problem for you getting jobs.

I don’t know how fiverr algorithm works but I know my gigs are showing in search results because I am getting orders.
The OP cannot send buyer requests because of his rating, which is below 4.7, if he will get direct orders and a few 5-star reviews than he will be able to send buyer request.

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Although receiving a sub-5 star review can be discouraging, the 3.7 that you received will truly be a drop in the bucket when it comes to the long-haul. If you maintain high quality standards, your average will eventually move back up (and could even return to 5 stars once again).

I wouldn’t worry too much about modifying the ratings. Keep the press, continue to deliver exceptional content, and get more great reviews in the process!

Hope this helps :blush:


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