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Recurring Payment option for a monthly service

Hi fiverr,

I have ideas for monthly services in which buyers could pay for a recurring monthly service, and each month it would automatically be paid until they cancel because they no longer wish to have the service.

I think it would be cool if there was a $5 a month option for an order and we could set it up as a recurring service, and then the gig extras could be adding more per month for extra services.

So I guess it would be called a monthly recurring service gig. This might take some programming, but if the sellers make more money, fiverr would make more money too, so this is another way to get a more residual effect on our work because it’s a lot harder to get a seller to come back and buy the service again for the next month (even if they really liked it a lot) than if it was set up as an automatic monthly payment.


I just suggested this same thing before I saw this. This would be great! I’ve had buyers ask me about an ongoing campaign and it is really hard to do without some kind of subscription mechanism in fiverr.

Yup i know at least ten other people that need this service. We are not the first people to ask for this - i asked months ago too. But Fiverr just does not seem to listen.

DEFINITELY need a recurring charges function but NOT only limited to just $5 but possibly whatever your level allows.

Like up to $40 per month for level 2 and $100 for level 3 for instance.

Just thought about this. Monthly subscription feature will be great @fiverr

Agreed I am looking for this service as well

This is an amazing suggestion!

Has anyone actually suggested this to the fiverr team!???

Oh i see yes, World be fantastic!!

Half agree. I think this should be an option not in a gig or extras but in custom offer. It would ruin fiverr reputation if they add it in a gig or extras because some people will miss the monthly charge and take it as one time as fiverr has been for so long.

In custom offer it would make sense and it would be clearly mentioned so number people taking monthly as one time will be few to none.

lets get this done

Awesome suggestion. It would really help us sellers kick off our business. I mean, this is way cheaper than buying my own site and setting everything up outside of fiverr; redirecting loyal customers out of fiverr; just to get them to pay us recurring fees. :smiley: I hope this feature can be created soon!

I second that emotion! Monthly payment is NEEDED!

Really need it … :’(

As a matter of interest can you do recurring revenue outside of fiverr. i.e. I do website design. I can do 2 methods,1st one being a upfront design fee, i.e. £400 then a small monthly fee to cover hosting etc. Or free website design and larger monthly fee. Is this possibe. Could I just do the design price then introduce the monthly fee. Only problem is these are A.I. websites, so everythng comes as a package

The initial or base fee for a month of service.
Then in thirty days send them a special offer to continue for the next thirty days.
Rinse and repeat each month.

Or even make it quarterly payments if the buyer agrees.

It’s certainly not perfect but works.

It also does not relieve fiverr of their obligation to improve our sales, etc.

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