Red arrows and green arrows


I noticed of recent that my gigs were marked with both red arrows and green arrows. While some are pointing up some are pointing down. What do these arrows represent?

In the same vein, my page view was also mark down from what it was before. What happened?


I’m wondering the same thing.


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Hey folks,

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I 'm also facing this problem.


Those are the analytic information for each one of your gigs. They include Impressions, Clicks, Views, Orders Received and Cancellation Ratio on your gigs.

Red arrow pointing down means that it’s decreasing and the green arrow pointing upwards means that you’re gaining. For example if you have 15 and a green arrow for your clicks it means that you have 15 new clicks on that particular gig for yours for the past 30 days.


I noticed there 1.7K Impressions 2 days back, the next day these were 1.8K and today its 2K. All these were with red symbol down.

Is it wrong that red symbol is continuously increasing?

Thank you


Can someone please explain? Seeing the same in my gigs too