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Red box with the number '2' next to my name? What does this mean?

I’ve just logged on and next to my name there is a little red box with a number ‘2’ in it. I have clicked on it to try and understand what it means but it just takes me to my dashboard and then vanishes… any idea what this means?

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Screenshot ? If you’re talking about the app then it must be unread messages or notifications.

oh, is that what it is? It’s massively dysfunctional anyway. Just like the rest of etc etc etc

If you upload the screenshot the it will be better for us to guide you and help you . so in future post always post a screen short its better to answer thank you …


Hi, thankyou for the replies! Yes I’ve noticed now its just whilst on the forum and its gone upto 6 so I do believe its my notifications of replies :slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: Either or that or the red thing notification thing that appears next to your name here on the forum. I had numbers there for a while before finding the ‘my activity’ option and saw my notifications.

Reply to @zeromark: Oh right. I forgot that there is a forum :slight_smile: