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Red Down Arrow Problem


Hi, red down arrow showing on my gigs. Can’t understand why. If anybody knows the reason plz tell me. Thanks.


That means the rate of views, clicks and impressions are going down on those gigs. You can select the time frame (7 days, 30 days, 3 months or 6 months); A red arrow means it’s decreasing, and a green arrow means it’s increasing.


@omniversal thanks for your response.


@ratna2013 If you were looking for more than the Captain Obvious response, I think what you wanted to know is, what is causing this? I find that if my gigs are losing popularity, I can tweak my keywords, or maybe I am not in the right category. Then keep watching if you change anything. The default view is 30 days, so always change it to 7 days so you see the trend change as soon as possible. This way you will know if you are changing something correctly.


nothing to be alarmed about, it simply means a decrease in people viewing your gigs-happens all the time.