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Red Flag: Is this a scam?


Recently, I am getting the same order request from different buyers. The order description is the same for all the buyers. It’s like a default template of description. Below it is:

“hey how’s it going buddy ? Listen I have a site inboxdollar that I do surveys on . i’ll give you 10 dollars daily if you take surveys until the cash amount reaches 100 . It’s very easy surveys and watching videos.”

I have got the same request for almost 8-10 times. I think it’s a kind of scam. Have any of you got this order request?

NB- Just got another one right now while creating this post :slight_smile:

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There has a chance of spamming group,either all these buddies are doing the same job for marketing aspect

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Of course it is, that’s not how Fiverr works.


If you need to ask you don’t know the rules of Fiverr. Obviously you’d need to break the ToS in order to do this because it isn’t even possible to use Fiverr to do this. And think about why someone would want you to break the rules and connect off of Fiverr.

Why not familiarize yourself with Fiverr works in order to anticipate scams? You were supposed to understand the terms before you registered for Fiverr.

Think critically.

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Yes, you are definitely right. I know the rules more or less . Thanks for pointing out to me.

But I just wanted to know if I am the only one to get this order request for multiple times or anybody also got this message… I have already marked them as spam and report it to Fiverr.

Yes, you are definitely right