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Red Flagging Clients

Hi Fiverr,

I’d like to suggest a feature that I feel should be added to the site. Myself, and I’m sure many other sellers here, have experienced at least a couple bad buyers in their time selling. My latest instance, I took a gig from a client I had worked with months ago who turned out to be pushy and went against his word. I had forgotten that I had a similar experience with this buyer the last time I worked with him.

So, I’d like to suggest adding a “Red Flag” feature within the message/contact section. Similar to the way you can STAR a certain buyer, but if you Red Flag a buyer and they happen to come back months later, a seller would be able to say to themselves “Wait, I’ve had a bad experience with this buyer, I do not want to work with him/her again”.


If use the “label conversation” feature for that. I even have the red label named “Warning” and it was pretty easy to set up.

Thank you for mentioning the label option! I hadn’t used it before and now I will be :slight_smile:

Personally i made a browser extension for this and other site wide labeling, client notes etc. Before this i used a regular word filter extension and it worked just fine, just filter the “username” to “username - whatever notes you like”, limit the filter to fiverr site. If you find a browser extension that supports html you could just filter the username wrapped with a red color tag.


I know, the label option for the imbox… but what if buyers would be rated as sellers are?
I mean, A buyer can recognize a bad seller from his/her rating, but sellers can’t know anything about a buyer and i would like to have the opportunity to have the visible rating for buyers too. Not with the option of seeing their orders, as happened before. but a rating or a flag, as said above, to make them ecognize for us but most for other sellers. I talk about those buyers who cheat on worst things, using the limit of legal to “scam” or just squeeze new sellers that are not such experienced.

Would this work?

Yes! I have buyers I don’t want to deal with again and would love to label them somehow to warn myself if they show up again.

I want to hear exactly how to use the browser extension someone here mentioned.

Honestly, i think this would help to keep fiver a safer place.
Don’t get me wrong, as i wrote in another similar post, i hd a lot of marvelous experiences but lso few relly brute.

I think that there still are many buyers using the system to squeeze the younger sellers to have much than deserved. I think that a flag system to assign a reliable RATING to the buyers will help to make them unable to “scam” or to squeeze newest sellers. I Of course talk about rude buyers, overmelting taks or the ones who try to minace with their “golden rate” (i give you 5 stars if you finish it in tot minutes, i give you 5 stars if you also add… or worst: -even if you made the world to me and it is more than described/offer- would you mind to… add X things and deliver more than you have already did? If you dont i’ll rate you really low"

I talk about this kind of buyers. I’d like to have the opportunity to flag them somehow. Let them have a visible rating that would help other sellers (and not just blocking a buyer , because if you block a buyer for a rude act, s/he would go to hurt someone else) but i say this because i think there should be an automatic action when a bad-customer reach a very low rating collection…

What you all think about?