Red flags are a-popping!


So I saw this buyer request from a ‘big company’ and thought I’d go ahead and send in an offer. I get a response…just a hi, no caps, punctuation, nothing. Real professional looking… I bite and say hello. Then they start asking my name, where I’m from, can I send them my resume. So I look, and sure enough, they just joined Fiverr. Now, I’m not about to give anyone my full name or where I live, anyway, or my resume with personal info deleted, as it has nothing to do with my gig. I mean, at least make it seem like you are a professional if you’re trying to scam someone. Am I right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, please not, takes less time to figure it out then. Keep hi-ing, big companies, keep hi-ing. :pray:


Well, since I wouldn’t give any of my personal information, she said, ‘ok, at this point i can see we are not going to get anywhere with you so good bye’. I told her to have a great day. Maybe I am just too paranoid, but I feel like I dodged a bullet. I don’t really trust people, especially when they try to come off as a professional agency but aren’t the slightest bit professional in their correspondence.


I don’t trust that also, the “big company” remark. Who cares if they are or not. As far as what you do on fiverr, your fees, and how you conduct business, it shouldn’t matter if they are a big company.

People have actually done work on fiverr for fortune 500 companies without ever giving their names or personal info.