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Red notification icon when you receive a message not appear since the new fiverr update

Hello !
the red small dot not appear when i receive messages , Is there anyone like me or I should contact CS about this matter?


Give it some time.

There some changes underground which might be preventing it from showing.

I wish you the best.

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Same here…
The pink dot does not appear when I have new message or order update. No pink dot on the chrome tab as well.
Also - there’s no small pop-up notification (shortcut) on the bottom right corner Fiver page anymore. Is the same on my 2 computers.
Fortunately I noticed that and my response ratio didn’t drop…

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Same here, I do not see the pink dot in my message option. If you contact with CS please let us the result.

Same Here…
Fiverr will fix that issue soon… I think Fiverr have lots of updates going on.

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Same problem here. Ive just missed messages coz notifications did not worked and I did not received email at that time as well. Something is wrong with emails as well. Sometimes I got mails (new message) sometimes I dont…

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Same here. No new messages yet constant notifications.