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Red numeral indicator?


What does the red number next to my username on the forum indicate? Clicking on it just brings me to


I think it’s supposed to be a notification that someone has responded to your post or mentioned you in a comment on the forum. Clicking on it takes me to the Fiverr homepage too, but I’m hoping this is just a bug that will be fixed soon.


When that number appears, click on My Activity, and it will show you who responded to your discussion, or who commented in a discussion you’re following. I know, it’s a little weird.


@ricksper and @maddisont: I actually hadn’t seen the My Activity link before! Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mhwoolz: @maddisont Yup. It just incremented by one and after I checked My Activity, it went away.


Reply to @mhwoolz: I’m glad I could help out with something around here :smiley: