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Reddit works for fiverr marketing

Hello guys, :heart_eyes:

Do u really believe that , reddit works for fiverr marketing? I always heared about this, but didn’t try yet and I don’t have proper idea for this social media marketing. If u really really know about it, please :pray: help me to let me know, how can I do it?
Thanks in advance :heart_eyes:
Hope all are doing good.


Hello @wpxpert_sub
In my starting day as newbie i tried to share my gig with different communities but guess what…?
I got blocked from most of them.
So i don’t think it will work…But yeah people also says that Twitter works best for gig marketing.
I Hope this helped you.

@photoshoper98 oh really? that’s really sad then only the way is Twitter. okay, I will do only that even i’m doing already. thanks a lot for info. :slight_smile:

YES, it can work, but only if you use it properly.

People don’t use Reddit to see other people’s promotion and spam. They use it to have conversations and exchange insights. If you share powerful insights, people will want to get to know you and look you up. Reddit only helps you generate leads if you use it organically. THAT’S how it works. It doesn’t work by you posting your link there and telling people to buy something. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT.

It is more than disappointing to see how many people assume a platform can’t help them just because spamming there didn’t work for them. If you think spamming is the only way to engage people in what you do and you genuinely don’t understand why you’re banned for behaving like this, you shouldn’t be marketing yourself online.