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Redeliver Modified work

Hi, I have a question that I delivered the Modified order when it was in revisions. But it did not contained the right files. I again delivered the right files. I want to ask that can buyer see the files that I delivered before by mistake. That’s all. I hope I will get my right answer. Thanks.


Yes, You can say that. Otherwise no need to say. You can upload new files.
if you say sometime buyer can be confused.

If buyer have not seen my delivered work and I redeliver my work several times. Can buyer see all the deliveries.

No your buyer will check last delivery because he can easily check last delivery.

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The buyer replied me and said that He has received all the deliveries. I found my answer.
So next time everybody should check the delivery before delivering it.

If its mistake no issue you can tell buyer about this and deliver again with all files in one delivery set…

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Guys today, I received a warning for using Redeliver Option. So nobody should use this option more than two times or maybe you should read Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions.
I hope nobody will use Redeliver again and again. New sellers should keep the Terms and Conditions in mind. This is my first experience.
Thank you.

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Was that the exact warning - for using the “Redeliver work” option too many times? Did they say it was against a particular part of the terms of service and if so, what part of the TOS is it against?

What if someone notices 3 errors separately in their delivery or maybe the buyer asks for revisions through the inbox instead of the revision option that you then need to deliver?

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he can see all the files , it happened to me in the past as well , I sent a different order to a different buyer… but fortunately I realized that fast enough and I resent the correct files,mistakes happen


So from that message it might not have been because of using the re-deliver button but maybe because of the originally sent delivery - maybe the buyer selected the option that says “empty delivery” or one of those other things for the reason after saying “no” to “Are you ready to accept the delivery?” or similar question.

So if you notice a problem with a delivered file (eg. if it’s the wrong one or has some error) it’s probably best to redeliver as fast as you can and/or let the buyer know you’re going to re-deliver asap. It seems bad to give that warning if it’s for something that was done totally by accident.

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I reached out to fiverr’s help center and this was the reply.
This answer is exactly what happened in my case.
The buyer was offline most of the time and I didn’t have the complete information.
So when the time for delivery was less than hour, I sent my first delivery and then buyer again asked me for revision. The revision time was also less than 3 Hrs.
The buyer gave me tip because he was busy/offline and I recreated the project for his satisfaction. :slight_smile:

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So you weren’t at all penalized for using the redeliver button multiple times. You were penalized for using it to deliver incomplete work. HUGE difference. Don’t mischaracterize things to make yourself look good and make Fiverr look bad.

You’re either mischaracterizing things or your English isn’t strong enough to interpret what the penalty is for.

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I am not saying that Fiverr is bad, It was my fault that I used redeliver button many times.
I did this all by buyer’s volition.
Anyways it is not the topic.I just wanted to know if buyer can see all the the files and I found my answer. Also, I am a beginner in this field and I will never make the mistakes I have made before.
We learn from our mistakes.

It was implied.

Stop saying the penalty was for using the button too many times. As I explained and Fiverr explained in their response to you, that isn’t why you received a warning. It was for delivering incomplete work (multiple times).

Can you explain that how they came to know that the delivered work is incomplete?

Of course. Your gig package included something that you didn’t provide in the order. It’s not rocket science.

“How they came to know” How WOULDN’T they know? They ordered it!

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Mam thank you for your information.

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