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Redelivery Issue

Hello Community,

It’s a great experience and pleasant to work here in Fiverr. I have a question, I have a order and delivered on time and my client has’nt accepted my delivery and has’nt requested for any modification, again now the delivery time has exceeded already.

Question is: If i choose to redelivery now, Will it count late delivery?


If you didn’t deliver it with a big green “deliver button” as you were supposed to and your clock now showing “##LATE## then yes it will count as a late delivery of course.


Did you use the deliver button as you should have done?

If not then deliver it using the deliver button and do it now if you have completed the job.

No reason to sit and wait on the buyer to respond if you did the job and it is finished. Just deliver it.

you should use delivery bottom for final delivery @istiak_ahmed117

Thanks for your Response!
You are on my point!!

When the buyer again got back before 3 days (auto order complete) and requested for modification then i again delivered with my big screen and now it’s not showing “#~LATE~#” after the final delivery.

As Fiverr always counts the first time on time delivery only.