Rediculous buyers and I just lost my rating!


A buyer and I made an agreement on aa job I was supposed to write an essay.

11 day duration was promised. He sends me a sample work he would like me to follow on the 6 th day after I have already started to work on it. I wasted my time! In fact I had to rewrite the whole thing. So I asked him it is fair that he has to pay for extra time I will have to spend because he never mentioned it before hand. Now All I could ask for was to mutually cancelled the order - and the penalty is on me? My performance on order completion got dropped by 40% immediately.

Dear, Fiverr. I have been working with you successfully for over two years and this is an unfair treatment in my opinion. Sellers need some type of sanity too to maintain our hard work!


Hey there!

I’m sorry this happened to you. If you ask CS to cancel an order for you, that cancellation shouldn’t affect your stats.

You can read more about it here:


Essay writing gigs are not allowed on Fiverr. Type “essay writing gig denied” in the search bar above for numerous posts on the subject.


This isn’t totally accurate. If CS cancels a gig but determines the issue is the sellers fault, it still impacts the seller fully (and should.) In the case of essay writing, @lloydsolutions is correct that it isn’t even in editorial focus, so the seller is likely responsible for any and all problems. Just clarifying! That “Cautious Cancellations” FAQ is for very specific circumstances, not just any CS cancelled order.


Absolutely right brother…


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I’ve been getting some REALLY irritating buyers the past week or so - people asking me for free readings, wanting me to be their girlfriend, and I’m forced to respond to this type of nonsense otherwise it will affect my ratings?