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Reduce Charges for an active order


Hi guys,

I’m working on a project, price of the project that we agreed is $15, job about to be completed, but due to some complications, i would like to reduce my charges from $15 to $5 to make my client more satisfied.

Please guide me if there any option i could use to reduce charges?

Thank You


as far as i know there is no way to reduce.


I am confused! How can a reduced price satisfy customer? I think the only satisfaction any client gets is by on time impressive delivery!


Actually he’s my regular client, and all things are on time and accurate exactly according to my clients requirements and he’s happy with my work. But complications was what he explained and what i did, that period took time in few revisions, so i decided that i reduce price if possible.


You could tell your client that they have $10 credit with you and they can place an order through the inbox until the credit is used. :slightly_smiling_face: