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Reduce Fiverr's % Cut - IDEA!

Hey guys! I am a member of another freelancing site, which offers its members a reduced percentage cut of every order, when working with a returning buyer for a long time.

To better explain:

When you begin on this site, they take 20% from every order, just like fiverr.
Once you made $500 from one clients, the percentage drops to %10 (for this client only).
Once you made $10,000 with the client, the percentage will drop to 5%! (for this client only).

Would that be incredible if fiverr adopted this method also, just as a little Thank You for its sellers?

Thoughts ? :slight_smile:

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Do you also sell on Upwork?

Because that’s what they offered over there… :rolling_eyes:

Your :bulb: is not new.

Yep! Its UpWork I was talking about. I stated it is not my idea, rather a feature on the site I work on as well :slight_smile:

Was not sure if its allowed to write other freelancing sites here.

Love the Emoji use though…!

I also work on upwork and it sucks to be honest. Upwork eats everything I earn. Suppose I earn 10$ which is around 650 Indian rupees then after upwork fees and bank processing I get around 450 rupees only. And for this small amount, cutting 200 rupees is a huge deal. Very huge deal to be honest.

They have the exact same system fiverr has.
20% of every order, checkout using Payoneer…

Probably my bank is culprit. I gotta go to bank for inquiry someday.