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Reduce the budget

hello everyone out there!
I have a question.
I got and order of 120$ from a client and I’ve done half of the project and client is asking for paying me 50% amount means 60$ as he has to stop the project
.Is there any solution to reduce the budget of the project without cancellation.


No, there isn’t anything you can do besides cancel the order and then give your buyer another offer.

Depending on how much longer the project would take me (1 day vs. 1 week), I’d choose between those two things to do:

  1. Make sure the buyer accepts an offer of $60 before mutually canceling the offer of $120.
  2. Tell the buyer they can’t cancel when I’ve already started and that they have to accept the delivery anyway.

Really, the buyer can’t just stop the project because they no longer need it/want it. That’s not how Fiverr works and not eligible under the Terms of Service, but if the buyer is still willing to pay you half for the work you’ve done, not too big of a deal, I suppose. You may even reach out to CS in the hopes your cancellation won’t harm your stats.

Best wishes.


ok thank you a lot for the favour

I agree with @graphtersawyer. You will have to approach customer support.

CS should be able to cancel the order without it affecting your completion stats (unlike if you cancelled the order yourself). However, what they are unlikely to do, based on feedback I’ve read on the forums previously, is make half the the payment to you. They are likely to refund the entire amount and advise that your client will have make a new order for $60.

@graphtersawyer is right when she says make sure your client places a new order for $60 before the old order is cancelled - however getting your buyer to part with more money upfront might be easier said than done.

Sadly there are many dishonest people who once refunded will simply walk away with all their money and you will never hear from them again.


Yes. It’s either specifically says so in ToS or I got a confirmation from fiverr CS about it (I don’t remember). But the new offer should be accepted before the old one is cancelled so you’re guaranteed a payment according to fiverr.

You can send them the message that you confirm that you will accept their cancellation request for the order number X within Y hours after they send it if they’re distrustful.


Make sure you never work with this person again.