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Reduced Buyer Activity OR System Glitch OR My Fault

Hello Fiverr Community,

I am a Level 1 Fiverr seller. Last 2 months I didn’t get any orders. I don’t know what is happening. I regularly share my gig through social media. Optimized my gig. The problem is no orders.

I have a real estate gig and other gigs as well. I earned a lot with those gigs. I know that my gig is well optimized & ranked when I search. I just wanted to know is there any problem in the system or just a sales drop.

I think buyer activity is reduced so much in fiverr. Due to Halloween or system glitch or increased fee, I don’t know exactly. I am just sharing my thought.

Are other gig sellers facing the same problem as me?

Though I am very grateful to fiverr and their community people as they give us some opportunity to grow in this competitive market. But seller needs regular order flow as it’s hampered our ratings.

Let me know your thought people. Cheers!