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Reduced fees due to COVID-19

Does anyone know if Fiverr is planning to offer some fees reduction during these hard times of the COVID-19 outbreak?

I’m sure that if Fiverr shows some empathy sellers will do their part to offer discounts too and help organizations that need a hand.

A more detailed conversation of this subject is in this other thread:


Great idea.
I think fiverr will think about it.

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They wouldn’t even try to match reduced fees like Upwork after $500 with repeat clients, so I’d be shocked if they did so for COVID-19.

I assure you they are not planning to do that. But if you want to make certain of this you can always ask customer support.
We have no way of knowing here.


A more detailed conversation of this subject is in this other thread:

I’m also thinking about it. Fiverr should concern about it. Humanity or Aid should be start from own home or own organization :neutral_face:.

So we are the part of the Fiverr. In this hard time, Fiverr should assist us by reducing the % of their fee.

I agree your opinion …

hope fiverr offer faster withdrawal time and lower fees.

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Doubtful, @chrisdata. Faster withdrawals would ruin Fiverr’s level benefits, and get in the way of their normal security clearance time. As for lower fees, I don’t see this happening either, because Fiverr still needs to maintain their site, and the fees are said to cover this.


Uber manages. If an Uber driver abuses the platform, he or she can be deactivated. Same goes for Uber passengers.

DoorDash pays you once a week, until you have made over 50 deliveries. Then you get get paid earlier, for a fee.

Fiverr is not keeping up with their competition, “adapt or die” isn’t just about evolution.

fiverr is owned by stockholders. The top executives cannot do things like that without the approval of the majority of stockholders probably. And there is no doubt whatsoever they wouldn’t approve of it.

What if you had invested $20,000 in fiverr stock thereby giving you partial ownership of the company and then the chairman announced to all stockholders fiverr was lowing it’s fees. You would be able to sue the chairman of the board and the entire board of directors.

It would be called gross mismanagement.

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This is just naive. Considering that fiverr is bringing promoted gigs back, it doesn’t look like they’re planning to reduce anything anytime soon.


Let’s hope they don’t raise fees. People on this forum keep thinking fiverr is a charity for some reason.

Our food stores have jacked up prices in spite of it not being legal to do that right now.

Last time I checked fiverr was in business to make money.

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Exactly. Let’s not accidentally call this into existence, though. -20% is the absolute limit of what I can afford.

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Hopefully everyone staying home bored looking at their computers will help business.

I see this entire episode fading out faster than we think actually.

This is a potential goldmine for pharmaceutical companies and vaccine companies.

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I sure hope so. I’ll take any future prognosis that is not downright apocalyptic at this point.


Fiverr is not Uber. Fiverr operates differently than a drive-share company.

Fiverr has reasons for the choices they make. They do not have to operate like other companies.


That’s not necessarily true. Companies make many decisions everyday without consulting the stockholders. If the CEO or founder owns 51% of the stock or more, no can can fire him, he can do whatever he wants, and all stockholders can do is sell their stocks or badmouth him in the press.

If you read about Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, you’ll discover it was extremely difficult to remove him from Uber. His only mistake was not controlling 51% of his company, even then, he had crazy rules about shares with voting power, non-voting shares, etc. He had rules that if you bought one Uber stock, he got two. This was before the company went public, back when it was funded by angel investors and venture capitalists.

It is true that anyone can file a lawsuit, but whether a judge will let it proceed or reject it with or without prejudice, is a different matter. Lawsuits are also public record. I’m a private person, if I sue a company, my privacy would be compromised. I would have reporters asking me why I’m suing.

Also, Fiverr has
44.81% are held by insiders (the president, executives, etc)
46.56% by institutions (banks, hedge funds, companies, etc)

So even if I was a billionaire and managed to control 10% of the stock, it wouldn’t be enough for a hostile takeover. The only way to do that would be by getting institutions to sell their stock to me until I reach 51%. That would be hard to do because Fiverr would do the same, not to mention buyback their own stock.

I don’t know why Fiverr charges fees they didn’t charge when they started. Why 20% of an order isn’t enough. I don’t think it’s because they need the money, I think it’s because they know we’re not going anywhere, and they don’t care if buyers get annoyed when they pay fees.

Those fees are a mistake, just like the $1 we used to pay to PayPal was a mistake that Fiverr corrected. That $1 fee was easy to tolerate because we might be withdrawing $100 or more, so it’s hard to notice $1. But when you make a $5 order and the bill is $7, you will notice that. If Fiverr is going to charge those fees, the least they could do is display the real price on our gig pages. That way our buyers will know they’re paying $7 instead of $5.


Exactly! Most of my 5USD buyers ask me why is it 7USD? I have to make the clear by writing about the fee. Sometimes they don’t place order.