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Reduced from Level One Seller for Bogus Reason



I was recently reduced from a Level One Seller. My analytics indicate that this is because I have responded to less that 90% of my inquiries. This is totally bogus.

To the best of my knowledge, I have NEVER not responded to any single inquiry. I have very good manners and would never act in such a boorish fashion.

That said, although I do report it, I DON’T respond to obvious SPAM. Am I being punished for NOT doing so.

An explanation would be appreciated.


Big Frank


I thought this was my case too. However, when I contacted CS they eventually told me which message I was late in responding to and when I looked back, indeed I had responded after the 24 hour allowed time.

I have read here that other sellers have found it is “safest” to respond to spam and then report it. Some sellers even have a quick response all set up to send the spam messages.

I am sorry you lost your level over this. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks for your response. I’m sure I’ll have my Level One rating back by the 15th of next month - and I will start responding to SPAM. lol



Hi, in addition to what was already said, I always notify customer support if my response rate drops, usually not realizing I missed a message. They always point out the message I missed. Sometimes it’s easy to not see a message if you get several at once.


I love your determination. See you back there soon enough. Success all the way.