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Reducing the Cost of Doing Business on Fiverr


The following are tips to reduce the cost of doing business and improve your overall performance/rating:

1- Wait until you have $50 or more to withdraw money using Paypal. Withdrawing money out every time you see a balance will cost you more (on PayPal fees) than taking $50 at once.

2- Offer gigs that you have already pre-written, such as essays and summaries; that way you can deliver you gigs within minutes. Time is money; hence, you can save time and make more money by offering pre-written papers.

3- Do not offer gigs such as “will perform any task to the best of my ability.” Not only will take you longer to complete, but you may have to end it up cancelling the request since you might not have the skills necessary to complete the task.

Good Luck,

Luis Blandon


1.nope paypal takes a $1 max it is a great deal cheaper than the revenue card

2. I suggest offering custom gigs instead of premade because people prefer unique services here


Nice! I was looking for a thread like this because I was wondering how high I should let my income build before I withdrew. I could have sworn I read $100 somewhere, but from this thread I see the maximum fee is $1 for anything over $50? Great, I am there already and can withdraw!


Reply to @kjblynx: Well shoot, I am almost to $200. lol