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How many times do you ever experienced responding quickly but still your response time is hours?

Hoping for your suggestions & answers fellow fiverrs.

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As I know they calculate average respond time. When I get messages from buyers continuously in day time my respond time reduced up to 2 hrs but again when I receive messages at night while I am sleeping I-) it will take 6-8 hrs for me to respond them then my response time increases. When I reply to buyers sometimes they send “OK” as a reply then I don’t need to respond that message then response time may increase. (I am not sure about this). This is how I understood the system there may be several other answers from more experienced buyers.

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I respond very quickly for 16 hours a day and mine stays at 2 hour. I don’t think not responding with “ok” hurts your average. If 4 days later you respond with “ok”. It would probably hurt your average. Just communicate normally and it works. You don’t have to always have the last word.

Hi i have found a way in which you get SMS when someone contacts you on Fiverr :slight_smile:

Link :-

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Reply to @mjmmalik: That’s funny, I set up this IFTTT recipe just a couple of days ago. Doesn’t seem to be working well though. I’m getting a notification up to half an hour or an hour later. Could just be my bad connection.

Another good recipe: If you get a good review on Fiverr, then append it to a document in your Google drive. Lets you collect all your good reviews in one place.

While my response time is pretty good (3hrs), my response rate dropped to 38% yesterday. I had put up a buyer request and got 40+ offers. Had to review them with a client, couldn’t respond to every one on time, and my rate suffered. Oh, well.

IFTTT is a great suggestion @yukihyou - thank you.

I’m new as a seller on Fiverr although have been a buyer for a couple of years (my partner also is an active, long term seller here). I believe the response rate algorithm is influenced by EVERY message you receive and reply to from what I can see and what I have done with my own account and inside my partners account.

I try to reply to every message as soon as I open Fiverr and my response rate is at 100% and response time less than 1 hour - it’s a new account but I’ve seen something similar through my partners account.