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Refer a friend program - when will i get my bonus?

I recently referred a friend to fiver, he used my link and ordered, and completed his purchase.
On my page it shows as below.

a******** Registered 09 Jun 2019

It seems it has not been updated to say hes completed his order (he has hes showed me his account)

When will i be paid my 20% for referring him? I’d like to refer more people but only if fiverr are making it worth my while and keeping to their word

I have already opened a ticket but hopefully somebody here with experience can answer quicker.


So i guess nobody has ever received their bonus from fiverr. Is it a con?

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If you type “refer a friend” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.


I had tried that already. None answer my question

Am sure Customer Support will be able to help you.


Hello @davidjonwren, I never thought about that, to be honest. I didn’t even notice this feature on Fiverr, it’s hilarious. :joy: Well thank you for pointing this out to us. 20% is not that bad I guess!! :rofl: good luck and glad you referred your first friend. Keep it Up!!

Kindly, Humberto

I refer my brother who lives in UK but i didn’t use refer option. :roll_eyes:


No helping

20% is worthless if they do not honor their “offer”. Still no reply. I will not be referring anybody else to fiverr if they don’t honor their offers. I have a tonne of people i could refer due to my job but i will be recommending people direct rather than bringing people to fiverr if this is the way they operate on here.

My advice would be do not refer anyone to fiverr. Use a different platform with better moral, service and truth to their word. If they cannot honor their own promo then i would not hold my breath for them in any situation. I will not be spending anymore money on this website. My money will be going to peopleperhour instead

Did you actually reach out to fiverr support to clarify this matter and if it’s just a bug? Or you just spent time here on the forum?

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i think it isn’t true

My very first post says i opened a ticket with fiverr before posting to the forum. 8 days ago! "Jackie has apparently ‘solved’ one of the tickets i’ve opened by simply closing it, not bothering to reply and not giving me the referral i am due. If i was a seller/freelancer here i would also be p***ed off as i’m pretty sure i am not the only person who will now not refer people since fiverr do not stick to their word. See the screenshots below for fiverrs customer service … or lack of it. Charging 25% on every job you would think they had enough income to stay integral


And you base this on what?

So the con that is Fiverr has become even more clear. The seller i referred a friend to can’t withdraw his payment. Support have replied to his ticket within hours with no useful advice. Yet 10 days the scammers have ignored mine for. Its so clear to me that fiverr is ripping off both buyers and sellers.

Here is the pathetic response from fiverr

Sorry for such a long wait. I checked for you and we have noticed irregular activity originating from your location and due to this, we won’t be able to provide you with the referral funds.

SO all you sellers can thank fiverrs scamming practices for loss of. What an absolute shambles this website is. I would highly suggest you migrate your work to a more reliable website. Irregular activity - what an absolute cop out poor excuse.

Hope you sellers realise this has cost £1000’s that would of otherwise ended up in YOUR pockets. Will be now directed to websites such a people per hour, freelancer etc so if you’re stuck in fiverrr unlucky. terrible site, terrible serives no wonder 1* reviews. SCAMMERS