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Refer and get upto 100$

Please can some one guide me what does exact mean
if i invite one of my friend so can i get 100$

thank you

Here’s the info from the link:


still i am confuse
20 percent of his order what does it mean please

The value of their order divided by 5.

So if they order something for $20 you get $4.

If they order something for $500 or above you get $100.


but this will be only for the first order or through out his account ?

From the extra info on the page:
For of each Qualifying Purchase made by your Referrals, You, as the Referrer, will receive to your shopping balance US$5 or 20% of the Qualifying Purchase amount, whichever is higher (capped at US$100 credit per Qualifying Purchase). In total, you can earn up to US$500 in shopping credit. Your earnings will be available for use over a three months period.

Yeah… That means - Users can’t withdraw that amount. Also When you use that for shopping. users have to pay Service fee also. :smile: in all way - It will go to fiverr most of the part amount!

cant withdraw this amount ?

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I mean, If i do get earn 100$ through referral program. That will be in my shopping balance. - Means i can buy other services to that balance. I can’t withdraw that!!


You may want to look at the affiliate program instead?

what type of shoping
means i can buy orders through this balance

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yes - you may buy anything through fiverr!!

oh good
thxx for your information