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Refer Program

Hey fiverrs!

I want to know how can I refer a friend to join fiverr?
is the refer program still works? if so,how can I?
Thank you.

PS: no one tell me, to pay him/her to show me this :smiley: hahah

Hi Site2noob, yes! The referral program still works. In the dropdown menu on hovering your mouse on your user name. You will see the option to ‘Invite Friends’. Hope this helps.

hello @greybohemian
thank you for the reply,
but I can’t find it in that menu

Careful of the giant spiders, Limbo boy (your profile pic)

It says “Invite friends and get $5” on the dropdown menu. Hoover over your profile pic in the upper right hand corner and it is the only option in green.

didn’t appear yet, maybe when I get level 2?