Referals to the Forums


Maybe we could have some way of identifying who is gaining referrals to the forums?

I know how this works on most forums but due to the unique design maybe it might not be possible?


currently it is done by invitation method I guess…

And we as members …can’t do that behalf of this forum… :-??


I don’t think it is invitiation anymore as there is a link to the forum at the bottom of the main FIVERR page now


Why are you wishing you could start a competition to try and see if you could get the most forums users? Lol. You and your competitions and all… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah for sure, I would love to push the forum even more than I am already doing. But I would need to be “incentivised” in some way. Even if it is just a stat!


I found the forums through an email that fiverr sent me XD