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My friend wants to buy my service. I have her email address and she also says I can use her email. Can I use her mail from my PC for buying? Will it be a problem?


Why your friend can’t order herself?


If she is your friend which means you both know each other personally, Why would you do ordering on fiverr? You can just do your business outside of fiverr with no fees. It seems like you’re trying to place an order on your own profile and write yourself a review. Most of newbies try to do that procedure in according to have some reviews on their profiles and they may get banned permanently from the platform since using more than one account by a single user is something violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Thanks to all of you for clear my confusion.


That’s not actually confusion, that is asking openly if it’s possiible to game the system. Obviously, it is not a valid purchase if you purchase your own gig on your own computer using a second email address no matter who it belongs to. It is a sad question because this kind of thing causes problems for people with legitimate local business options. Because of people doing things like this, it is almost impossible nowadays to bring your own buyers in your local area since others gaming the system makes everyone appear potentially shady.

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Buying your own gig on your own computer is not advisable.