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Referral program bug


I invited 2 friends to the referral program, they bought their first gig yesterday (for 60 dollars) and i still didn’t get my referral funds.


I think you’ll need to wait until the gigs have been completed before you’ll receive anything.

Here’s some info from the referral program page:
A Qualifying Purchase means a successfully delivered and completed Gig(s) purchased by the Referral. A Qualifying Purchase must be made with an external payment method (i.e. not with the Referral’s shopping balance).


Both are delivered, and they made the purchase via Paypal. I created a support ticket too, but it was marked as solved without a reply


Completed means 14 days after they’re delivered - from a seller’s point of view, that’s when the funds are cleared for withdrawal.

I’m afraid none of us on the forum can help if CS can’t.