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Referral rewards

Since I have been using fiverr I have been getting all kinds of people jazzed up about the success that I am having and am no doubt influencing others to seriously consider joining fiverr. I wanted to suggest some sort of referral reward or benefit if we refer friends to join fiverr. It helps fiverr out so why shouldn’t it help us out? We are the reason fiverr is successful so maybe we should see some benefit for its growing population. (just a thought)

In my opinion, websites that use referral programs do so because they need more people to join, therefore, they offer an incentive (such as a percentage of their referrals earnings, or a set price per referral they bring in, etc.) for people to bring in more people to their site so they can grow.

To me, Fiverr is already PACKED with people! They just don’t have a need to offer an incentive to get more people to their website. They have success without it.

So although I would love to be rewarded for bringing new people to Fiverr, I just don’t feel it’s needed for this site and I think that is why Fiverr hasn’t implemented such a thing.

That is just my opinion on it. :slight_smile:

How can i refer someone?

Hi All,
How are you doing? This Link “” is not working at all. I am trying it out since 7-8 months :slight_smile:

I have millions of people to call them out to join in but the Link is not working at all.

I like the idea of a referral program! In response to those who think FIVERR already have enough users - think about this.
There’s no such thing as a business having ENOUGH customers or users. ALL businesses seek more customers and if they find that they’re growing to fast too soon - this indicates that it’s time to expand! But you certainly don’t turn down customers. Remember, there are over 5 billion people on this planet -and everybody is searching for or is in need of something. Maybe you have what they’re looking for.

Would you turn down the opportunity to make money because you have too many customers? Or would you take the demand as an opportunity to expand? Or would you REFER them to someone else and get paid for the REFERRAL?



I see fiverr does have a discreet referral program. I think it is tastefully done.

Why they don’t started Referral Program?

Reply to @prohelper27:
My idea is that if you make people join and you have a percentage of their earning, you will be the one who educate and motivate.If they are making money, you’re making it as well.

There are a lot of people on Fiverr, but only few take a moment to read the helpful blog posts Fiverr publishes. Instead, they open threads asking how to get their first order. the case will be different if people made people join, they will help them and guide them since it’s a shared success.