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Referral to my own gig

Hello! I have a friend who is interested in my services, so I’m referring her to Fiverr. I would like to know if I use Fiverr’s referral program, so she gets 20% off, will I receive 20% less?


Have you read Referral Program Terms & Conditions here

It´s all written there.

Earning, Receiving and Redeeming Shopping Credits

First, any one of your Referrals will get a 20% discount* for their first purchase on Fiverr (capped at US$100).
In addition, for each Qualifying Purchase made by your Referrals, you, as the Referrer, will receive Fiverr Credits in the amount of US$5 or 20% of the Qualifying Purchase amount, whichever is higher (capped at US$100 Fiverr Credits per Qualifying Purchase). In total, you can earn up to US$500 Fiverr Credits. See our general Terms of Services to learn more about Fiverr Credits.

  • Such discount may not be used or combined with any other promotion. For orders that are comprised of one or more milestones, the discount will apply to the first milestone only.
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Thanks for the reply! I’m sorry but I don’t understand how that answers my question. I know that I will get 20% in Fiverr credit, but I want to be paid the full gig amount and be able to withdraw the money. Let’s say that the deal was 45$, then will I be paid 36$ (20% seller fee) or 27$ (20% seller fee + 20% referral discount)?

Think about it. It is written in TOS that you receive 80% of the order value.

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Right, but there have been reports where people claim they received less than 80% when the clients used discount codes.


Can you link those reports so that we can see what´s actually written there?

Sorry for the delay, I had to look for them again. Here:

As far as I understood from first link, the solution was to contact CS to get reimbursement. The post is 2 years old and it seems there was some coupon processing bug in Fiverr´s system.

From second link I am not 100% sure if is connected to referral program. The OP will need to contact CS with their issue.

Third link describes something that has not happened yet. I think it is somehow similar to your concern. However, the recommendation was to check earnings after transaction and open ticket in case that coupon was processed wrong way.

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