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Referring a client

Hey, was just wondering what would happen if a seller reffered a client outside of fiverr and the client bought something from the same seller. Will the seller get a bonus or is it only that the buyer has to buy from other sellers? Just a question in mind, would love to know your answers.

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You can use fiverr’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Business) feature. Fiverr won’t take 20% commission if you bring a buyer from outside of fiverr. In order to enjoy zero-commission order, your buyer must be a new Fiverr user and the order must be at least $25.

You can read more about BYOB on fiverr.



Hey, thanks for replying, but I don’t see any option such as Bring your own business. Is it only available to a few? And how can we enroll in it?

Still looking for answers? Anyone?