Referring Customers & Other Newbie Questions


Hi, I have a gig where I design a 4 Page Weebly website for $5. I got my first customer last night, and completed her order promptly. However, now she wants me to do the same thing on the Go Daddy Web Builder, I referred her to another seller here on Fiverr…I’m assuming this is okay, but I want to be sure…

Also, for my Weebly web design gig, I put in the description that I swap out the “Weebly” footer branding for my own tiny branding (of course, my Fiverr link) - I also wanted to make sure this is okay?


First off welcome to fiverr. referrals are nice and shows we as sellers are a community that works together. I have referred many members of fiverr when buyers need a little more then what I can offer them.

As for putting your fiverr link on webpages as the footer, I would advise against it just because ownership of the site ix completely to the buyer who hired you. and if they have access they can and will most likely change it.

Not to mention they may not want others to know they went to fiverr for it. I would ask them first before doing so.

Otherwise great gig offer and I wish you luck on fiverr.


Thank You Ardicus, for your reply.

So, the sites reside on my Weebly account, so I actually own it… Unless, they want me to set up the site on a brand new Weebly account (Weebly doesn’t allow for sending sites from one account to existing accounts…), or buyers can allow me restricted access to set it up on their existing account.

But, I see your point about the anonymity. Perhaps I should set this gig up differently. Hmm… You’ve got me thinking.


hello, how to feature my services ?