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Refine my gig further?

Hi, everyone. I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading on the forum so I’m already familiar with giving a short gig title, optimizing the description for metadata, and so on and it would appear that I’ve had no issues getting a few views and clicks thus far.

However, I’m certain that my gig could still be given that little extra “oomph!”

So I would appreciate if you would take a quick peek and let me know if there’s anything else you would refine and how you would do so:

Thank you for your time.

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everything seems fine to me
need to add video
And why the delivery time is 29 days?
it scares me

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Hi, ostrovskiiiu. :slight_smile:

Delivery time for that particular service doesn’t actually reflect the time it will take me to do the job. In all of my other gigs, when I’m able to do my job myself, I have no problem quoting fewer days for the work, but in the case of computer work, I am at the whim of the other person who needs service.

Since it requires scheduling, I leave time for scheduling. It is a matter of the other person’s convenience. If you message me saying that you need the work done immediately, I will get back to you and let you know whether or not that’s possible or how long you’d need to wait based on any other people I may have scheduled.

As for video, that’s a good idea. I wasn’t sure what to showcase, but it is basic Windows tech support, so I can maybe record doing basic work on my own computer to showcase. :smile:

Actually, reading that again, you just gave me an idea.


I’m silly. I can just lower the amount of days it takes to deliver and the amount of orders I receive. Hahaha.

Doing that now.

It shouldn’t take longer than 3 days to coordinate with someone to gain computer access. :slight_smile:

Hi, i think you need to change your gig photo, i understand you are trying to stand out and be funny but as a client when i visit your profile i rather to see samples of your work to see if you are trustworthy and skillful , maybe you can put some screenshots, the best thing you can do is to a record video of the whole process of you repairing a pc , your profile gives me the vibe that you are not profession in this field although you may be so try working on that, wish you luck :slight_smile:

@arianxdesign To be completely fair, I’m not a professional in the field, just experienced. I have maintained my own PC software as well as PCs belonging to my friends and family for years. (Since Windows XP was a thing.)

I am currently working on a video to showcase my skills. :slight_smile: