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Refund after 13 days

I have order some WP job (Order: #FO3311E83CF4)

Seller name is XXXX. After few weeks I realize the job done wrong and ask for refund. The seller agree to refund and ask support for help, but did not received any response. So, I ask him to make refund via paypal and FIVERR send me ACCOUNT WARNING! Now I sent request to support (Request #1130626)… no response!!!

Well, this is “no exit” situation – what we have to do NOW?

You need to inspect deliveries when you get them. It’s stated in multiple places that cancellations need to be done before the end of the holding period. Sellers level 2 and below wait 14-17 days for their pay. After that, the deal is usually not refundable. Many brick and mortar stores have limits on returns, this is normal.

I buy and sell and I lost money the same way when I realized too late that a gig I bought wasn’t right. I asked if there was a chance for a refund and I didn’t get it either, but it’s my own fault. Yours might turn out different since the seller is working with you, but even then it could take a long time. I’m sorry you had trouble, though. I understand.

You are right, but my problem is not with the seller. We both cannot get help from Fiverr and cannot send our emails to each other.