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Refund after completed?

I never accepted any work i was sent.

And now my order says completed.

The work is no where near what i asked.

It costs me 450US and i hate it. How can i get my money back. The seller stopped replying to me.

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Does this look anything like it

The order will auto mark as completed after 3days :slight_smile:
What you can do is to report CS, telling them that the seller fail to deliver the thing that you guy had discussed

The order gets automatically completed when the buyer don’t reply for 3 days after the delivery is made. This might be the case with you.
You can ask for a revision and if the seller is not replying, you can leave a review to tell others about how the seller is or you can contact customer support and tell them the situation with proves and screen shots and ask for a refund.
Ask for a refund, if you really think the seller has not done what was agreed"
Here is the link to support :

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