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Refund and Cancellations - Screw me both ways IN and OUT?


So let me get this right? I order a $15 gig costs me $17
Then the guy cancels (before he cancels i show him the order
ive worked with him a couple of times) hes says ok no problem
Basically a repeat.
Out of the blues i cant do this Im sick! Go to this profile Im on vacation till Jan 15th or so?

I get a refund for $15 which doesnt go to my paypal but they hold it fiverr. Now if i want to use it Im out $2 bucks again so it totally will cost me $19?

And the guy gets away scott free cause he cancelled on his own and i cant give him a bad rating?

Both ways I get screwed i feel?


If you didn’t want to cancel the order, why did you accept his cancellation request?

It is also clearly noted in the Fiverr Terms of Service that all refunds are returned to the buyer’s Fiverr account. You did read the TOS, right?

You are are not screwed. You got your order price refunded to you, and you can now use that $15 to purchase a different gig. And you cannot review a seller that you do not have a completed order from. If he didn’t deliver an order (because the order was cancelled), there is no transaction to rate or review.

You actually win in this situation. You got your money back, and the seller lost a sale and any profit that sale would have earned him.


All cancellations affect seller rating and they can be even demoted in the future. However Seller can not cancel order by himself and he need to send order cancellation that you need to approve or decline. In terms of “fees” and money that you loose I would say that it is not the sellers fault but fiverr commission and system that has nothing to do with a seller.


I paid $17 for the gig but i get a $15 back
I asked him if he needed more time ,etc., He cancelled it or it got cancelled automatically.

But why take an order and then next thing i see you on vacation ?


Nothign i can do with the fivver commision it seems they get paid either way. They are just a platform I guess


@mikela I’ve been in this situation a couple of times myself so I understand what you’re going through.

You’re not losing your money because you can get it refunded and service fee is not taken from refunded credit. So next time you order a service for $15 you only pay $15. If that’s not the case then contact customer service.

And as previously said, all sellers go through monthly evaluations and if there are enough cancellations the seller might lose their level, ranking and through that probably future sales. Losing revenue is a much more severe penalty than 1 bad review.

So the only thing you’re losing is time, which might be more important than $15, but the only way to avoid this is to improve your vetting process or hire an agency instead of a single freelancer who might get sick.

You can find more info about service fee from TOS
When making a purchase solely from your Shopping Balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you will not be charged a service fee. Service fees are non-refundable. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include service fees paid.


Thank you for your comments, I will place another order
I see I understand the thing about time.
I will consider finding an agency I never considered it and just assumed that it would be more pricier.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post I appreciate it.