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Refund asap please

hey Guys I’ve opened a support ticket for this but want this processed asap…
i purchased a gig today and processed through Paypal forgetting that my default card is direct to my bank. However, i wanted to put this on my business card.
the seller agreed to cancel so i could rebuy using my card but you’ve put the balance on my account not back to my bank.
so. i cant rebuy until you clear down my balance.
can we move this along quickly please?

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Hi Tony, sorry for your inconvenience…Unfortunately this is just a forum to post questions and gain insight for sellers and buyers…We aren’t customer service so we can’t help you much here unfortunately but CS is pretty good about getting back to requests in a timely fashion. Good luck.

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I’m sorry but I’m afraid it’s only Customer Support who can address this… You’ll really have to wait for their response to your ticket. Wish there was something we could do to expedite the process. :frowning: