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Refund But Don't Know How

I have a client that was not happy with my work and asked for a refund, after a few messages we have agreed that I would refund half the amount but I am not sure how to give her a refund? I would be grateful if anyone can help me please.

No chance to make her happy with a revision?
Partial refunds aren´t possible, which means you would either have to cancel=refund in full and trust your client to order again for half the amount, or that your client would first have to order another gig for half the amount and then you would refund her the first order. The latter seems to be what Customer Support suggests to sellers in the same situation, because else there is the possibility that the buyer will not reorder once you cancel the order, of course, but, yeah, not nice to have to suggest that latter solution to a client.


You cant givd half of the money back. You either cancel the order and give all the money or not.


Cancel the, he will get full fund back…

Then resend a custom order of 50% money, I think it might be the solution.

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